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The purchase of a custom knife will replace your non-vip / vip bayonet. You can purchase as many bayonets you’d like, but only one can be active at once. Custom knifes can also be attached to the M4-A1.

Custom knifes are a one-time purchase and is valid as long as The Northmen is running.
Custom knifes has a shorter lifetime in-game than normal bayonets if dropped on the ground.
A custom knife will also despawn instantly from your body/hands if killed in-game.
You will always spawn with your custom knife, and if you have purchased different knifes, you can switch between which one you would like to have as your active knife. Reach out to [email protected] if you want to change what knife you want as your active knife.

In the checkout you must enter your Discord#0000 id as well as your Steam 64 ID. You will receive a order confirmation e-mail after your order has been received. Once your order is processed and custom knife is active you will receive a confirmation on this as well. Please check your spam/junk folder.

We handle orders fastest during our business hours (10:00 – 22:00 CET) which can take between 15-120 minutes. If orders are purchased outside of our business hours, please allow up to 6 hours processing time.

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Bayonet Camo, Bayonet Case Hardened, Bayonet Cotton Candy, Bayonet Crimson Web, Bayonet Crimson Web 2, Bayonet Doppler, Bayonet Dragon, Bayonet Fade, Bayonet Friday The 13th, Bayonet Gold Digger, Bayonet Icy Cut, Bayonet Maja, Bayonet Sheesh, Bayonet Tiger Tooth, Bayonet Valhalla