Monetization rules

  • What is VIP and what are the perks?

VIP can be aqquired for 150 SEK (approx €15) via our website. VIP grants a player priority queuing to all our servers. VIP also grants a retexture t-shirt with server logo / VIP logo and a retextured bayonet knife. Non-VIP spawn with same colored t-shirts a regular bayonet, no logo or similar. VIP also has the ability to request their player statistics via Discord, in where they also receive a donation role in Discord.

  • Will non-vip still access the server?

Yes, all game functions are available to all players. All will be able to connect to the server. If the server is full you will be placed in queue. VIP will move up in queue since they are prioritised.

  • What does the money go to?

All money received by donations is primarly used to fund our dedicated server. Funds are also used to pay for server listing on DZSA Launcher and our admin/Rcon tool CFTools, advertizing and webhosting as well as investing in more servers to open. All money received is also taxed and declared in Sweden.

  • How can I donate/aqquire VIP? 

Head over to our shop for more information.

Terms and Conditions apply.

  • What other products can be bought?

The Northmen offers:
– Custom Flag
– Custom Clantag color
– Custom bayonet texture/skin

All products are cosmetic and retextured variants of the original DayZ items. These custom items do not give any advantage for paying players. When purchasing a custom flag, it is stated in the product information that players MUST hand over a “vanilla” flag they have found ingame.

Custom clantag color is purely cosmetic for the use in chat within the game.

Custom bayonets are created by The Northmen and will replace the non-vip bayonet / vip bayonet with the product purchased; and are purely cosmetical.

All players are succumbed under the same rules. Being a donator will not grant you any special treatment if rules are broken.

Our monetized servers

All servers have been granted approval for monetization by third-party mods. 


  • The Northmen’s Vanilla+ | EU Main | Loot/Stamina+
    > **IP** : 2302
  • The Northmen’s Vanilla+ | US Main | Loot/Stamina+
    > **IP** : 2302
  • The Northmen’s Vanilla+ | AU Main | Loot/Stamina+
    > **IP** : 2302
  • The Northmen’s Cut | Vanilla+ | Tougher Gameplay!
    > **IP** : 2402


  • The Northmen’s Deer Isle | EU | Vanilla++ | Loot/Stamina+ | Boats
    > **IP** : 2302
  • The Northmen’s Deer Isle | US | Vanilla++ | Loot/Stamina+ | Boats
    > **IP** : 2302


  • The Northmen’s Livonia | EU | Vanilla+ | Loot/Stamina+
    > **IP** : 2302
  • The Northmen’s Livonia | US | Vanilla+ | Loot/Stamina+
    > **IP** : 2302