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About Us

The Northmen is not like any other vanilla server. Why? Well remember when bandages and sewing kits took 1 slot of inventory? T-shirts had no inventory slots and could be teared to rags with your hands? Remember those old leather items you could craft and the weapons you could spray paint? Well, we got that covered! Not to mention the craftable ghilliesuits, hunting scope on Mosin, no coastal fog and to top it off – it’s called AKM, SVD, FAL and FAMAS over here at The Northmen!


Autorun and Earplugs for comfort. Map and Groups for convenience. Chat with the community and claim your Territory!

Oh, and not to forget about vehicles. Flip ’em, crash them – you wont die. But you will if someone shoots you! a small, light mod for keeping vehicles fun again and not a pain in the…

Vanilla basebuilding + doors

Vanilla base building and codelocks. Furnish your base with supply crates, lockers, gunracks and more. Raid gates using weapons, explosives or hacksaws!

Doors are added as a long awaited mod. No more bulky gates in small pathways. Single, double – your choice!

Tisy & PAVLOVO gas zones – high risk, high rewards

Suit up in NBC clothes and head over to Tisy for a chance at the best gear or turn your head towards the WEST and FACE THE DYNAMIC STRIKES AT PAVLOVO – DO YOU RISK IT?

Gear up with matching outfits

Have you wished for a TTSKO Plate Carrier? Or black Gorka clothes? Say no more! With SOTA vanilla retexture you get the vanilla style clothing on more clothes! More options, more styles, more fun!

Never a dull moment with The Northmen!

Tune in on frequency 99.7 and participate in different Survivor Missions around Chernarus.
Fight over supplies at different Airdrop locations.
Collect Pokémoncards for the pure enjoyment – maybe there is a reward for you if you… catch them all?
Join our Discord for more information.

c4 raiding + hacksaws

The vanilla explosives has a better use in pvp. Thats why we use breaching charges since the vanilla raiding is very unreliable.

Raid storage with raiddriver, code locks with raidsaw and gates/watchtowers with c4 breaching charges.

Full guide – easy to understand, can be found in our discord under our “Getting started” category.

By supporting The Northmen and gain additional perks


Thank you for playing on our server – we love to have you here!

By becoming a VIP you help keep The Northmen running, and it is highly appreciated! Contributions from our players are what keeps this server running, it covers the cost of our dedicated server, admin tools, DZSA profile, Discord bots, webhosting/domain, giveaways & eventrewards.

The Northmen VIP is purchased monthly via our shop and is non-refundable.


The Northmen VIP includes:

• Priority queue.
• VIP apparel in-game.
• Request player statistics, including K/D, longest kill, accuracy and more.
• VIP role in Discord with access to VIP channels.
• Fastlane to Valhalla without any stops along the way!